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Australian Garage Doors is a one-stop solution to all your garage door related problems. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying garage doors and offer their repairing and maintenance services as well.

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We use our innovative and skilled team to offer you the best services and have you pleased with our work. Our industry knowledge, combined with our acquired experience, helps us offer you excellent consultation and a wide range of products that cater to your home, lifestyle, and budget.

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We understand how essential doors are for boosting the design of your homes. This is why we are proud to be suppliers of long-lasting, durable, and safe products of all kinds and shapes to suit your home.

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Our talented team has excellent knowledge about what doors suit your home the best and, given your budget, has always excelled at selecting the ideal doors that make your exterior look stunning and remarkable.

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Not only do we make sure to install the doors for you in a safe way that brings no damage to your space. We also offer repairs and maintenance for your new or existing doors. We have a group of specialized members who know exactly how to perform these tasks in a way that causes you the least hassle.

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Our business values hold your satisfaction with our work as our priority. Therefore, we have a friendly customer service that aims to provide our services in a way that has you fully satisfied with us.

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3 types of most common garage door repairs

Everything in your house needs to be maintained with the passage of time. The garage door is the most commonly used part of your home. Like cars and other parts of your home, garage doors also need to be maintained with time. Moreover, when your garage door stops working the first thing you need is to recognize what part of the door is damaged as it can be quite frustrating. And even you can’t find the source and fix it, then call garage doors repairs melbourne. Therefore, if you are looking for three types of most common garage door repairs, give this article a read.

Broken Spring Replacement

Garage door repair is required if the spring is broken. The garage door spring lets the door move smoothly and effectively. With the passage of time the springs start to get damaged and can break which causes trouble for the door to move. Hence, the spring needs to be maintained and replaced instantly if it gets damaged. However, if the door becomes hard to move or starts to make noise the spring needs to be changed instantly. Therefore, make sure you keep the spring of the garage door upgraded and always have an extra one available at home in case of emergencies. It is recommended to seek professional help to replace the spring.

Garage door broken cables

Similar to garage door spring, garage door cable is an  essential part of the garage door. The thin strands of the wires are put together to form a thick strand which is then put together to form a cable. The main purpose of these cables is to pull the weight of the door up with the help of the string. Moreover, as the garage door is the most common part used at home therefore, with the passage of time the cables can get damaged and in the long run can even break. Therefore, make sure you keep your garage door and its components maintained and check them over time. However, if you ever see garage door cables getting damaged immediately seek professional help.

Damaged tracks

The tracks help the garage door to open and close properly. It depends on the type of the damage caused whether you should repair or replace them. If the tracks are just bent a little or are nor arranged parallel then you can easily repair them yourselves at home. However, there are some circumstances where the replacement of the tracks becomes necessary. When the tracks are broken or twisted you need to replace them instantly to make the garage door work effectively. Make sure you investigate first before making a decision whether to repair or to replace. Seek professional help if the replacement of the track is required.

Mentioned above are the three types of most common garage door repairs that will help you if your garage door is not working properly. Make sure you investigate the problem first to see whether you need to repair or to replace the components. Moreover, if you are having problems moving the door, always check the spring, cable and the track of the door whether they are in shape or are damaged. However, if you want garage door repair seeking professional help would be a great decision.


Some garage renovation ideas

The renovation of the garage must follow the specific needs of the person who will use this space, however we wanted to collect some ideas from which to draw inspiration for your project.

If the garage is intended only for parking cars and for storing equipment and objects, the basis of the project must be a wise organization of the spaces . So, off to the use of shelving along the side or front walls, depending on availability, but also of cabinets designed to contain various objects. In some cases, if the height allows it, it is also possible to opt for the construction of a mezzanine, which allows you to recover additional space to store what we do not use every day.

In some cases the garage is an environment dedicated to the practice of one’s hobbies : crafts, collecting, do-it-yourself works, whatever one’s passions are, we can make this space extremely functional with some precautions. Floors and coverings able to favor maximum cleanliness, shelving for a rational organization of objects, a work table, wall hooks for equipment and tools, an adequate lighting system, are just some of the ideas to follow to recreate your own. perfect hobby room.

Finally, a large garage can be transformed into a real additional room , to be dedicated for free time , with sofas and hi-Fi system to listen to your favorite music, or equipped with game tables, billiards or pinball machines to create a real personal playroom. In this case, aesthetics will certainly play a greater importance, therefore space for the choice of flooring with elegant tiles, lamps and chandeliers and design elements able to personalize the entire environment in a recognizable way.

Tips for garage renovation

When you decide to renovate the garage , a particularly important moment is that of choosing the materials to be used inside. The construction technologies available today make it possible to make use of highly efficient floors and walls capable of maximizing functionality and safety. If the garage is mainly used to house cars and other vehicles, the best choice is to opt for highly resistant and easy to clean materials, as well as safe from the point of view of accident risks, such as linoleum and rubber .

As for the walls, space for practicality and cleanliness . Since the garage is not an environment with particular aesthetic needs, it may be preferable to opt for the more classic white paint, capable of giving greater brightness and a feeling of spaciousness of the space than other colors. perhaps it is better to focus on anti-mold and anti-condensation materials or on cavities to insulate the walls rather than buying special paints but not suitable for a service environment such as the garage.

Perhaps with plasterboard panels , so as to have both a suitable environment for parking the car and a corner to dedicate to your hobbies, or a comfortable closet for everything that no longer comes in handy at home, all while maintaining order and cleanliness. In fact, in the renovation project, it is advisable to keep in mind all your needs for using this space to create exactly what you need.

If the garage also has running water, the subdivision of the spaces can also be carried out to create a laundry corner , thus eliminating the clutter of the washing machine and sink from the home and recovering an important space.

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