The renovation of the garage must follow the specific needs of the person who will use this space, however we wanted to collect some ideas from which to draw inspiration for your project.

If the garage is intended only for parking cars and for storing equipment and objects, the basis of the project must be a wise organization of the spaces . So, off to the use of shelving along the side or front walls, depending on availability, but also of cabinets designed to contain various objects. In some cases, if the height allows it, it is also possible to opt for the construction of a mezzanine, which allows you to recover additional space to store what we do not use every day.

In some cases the garage is an environment dedicated to the practice of one’s hobbies : crafts, collecting, do-it-yourself works, whatever one’s passions are, we can make this space extremely functional with some precautions. Floors and coverings able to favor maximum cleanliness, shelving for a rational organization of objects, a work table, wall hooks for equipment and tools, an adequate lighting system, are just some of the ideas to follow to recreate your own. perfect hobby room.

Finally, a large garage can be transformed into a real additional room , to be dedicated for free time , with sofas and hi-Fi system to listen to your favorite music, or equipped with game tables, billiards or pinball machines to create a real personal playroom. In this case, aesthetics will certainly play a greater importance, therefore space for the choice of flooring with elegant tiles, lamps and chandeliers and design elements able to personalize the entire environment in a recognizable way.