When you decide to renovate the garage , a particularly important moment is that of choosing the materials to be used inside. The construction technologies available today make it possible to make use of highly efficient floors and walls capable of maximizing functionality and safety. If the garage is mainly used to house cars and other vehicles, the best choice is to opt for highly resistant and easy to clean materials, as well as safe from the point of view of accident risks, such as linoleum and rubber .

As for the walls, space for practicality and cleanliness . Since the garage is not an environment with particular aesthetic needs, it may be preferable to opt for the more classic white paint, capable of giving greater brightness and a feeling of spaciousness of the space than other colors. perhaps it is better to focus on anti-mold and anti-condensation materials or on cavities to insulate the walls rather than buying special paints but not suitable for a service environment such as the garage.

Perhaps with plasterboard panels , so as to have both a suitable environment for parking the car and a corner to dedicate to your hobbies, or a comfortable closet for everything that no longer comes in handy at home, all while maintaining order and cleanliness. In fact, in the renovation project, it is advisable to keep in mind all your needs for using this space to create exactly what you need.

If the garage also has running water, the subdivision of the spaces can also be carried out to create a laundry corner , thus eliminating the clutter of the washing machine and sink from the home and recovering an important space.